Dedicated to the memory of Lilibet

This is a tribute to Elizabeth known to us as ‘Lilibet’, who was born at Lister Hospital in Stevenage on Monday 18th April 2005.

She will always be remembered - our happy, smiley, generous-hearted, beautiful girl. Elizabeth Jane Ransom.

Monday’s child is fair of face – and she truly was, both inside and out.

The words below have been written by Alice Ransom – sister to Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth Ransom - or known to us as ‘Lilibet’ was the most wonderful,talented, generous young girl you could ever meet. She had a passion for dance, football, netball and many other sports which she played with her wonderful friends. This amazing young girl had a heart made of gold and always had her family and friends’ best interests at heart. Others happiness would always prioritise over her own and she would never want to upset anyone. Elizabeth was such a pleasure to be around because her smile could light up a whole room. She has impacted every person she's touched in her short, yet wonderful life, and we are all so grateful we were given this treasure we call ‘Lilibet’. 

Elizabeth was a happy, sporty, loved young girl. However one day, whilst out playing with her sister and her friends, Elizabeth unexpectedly collapsed. She was taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for the night where they kept her safe. She was then moved to the wonderful Great Ormond Street Hospital where she met new friends, nurses and doctors. Although she was in hospital her spirits were always high and she still managed to smile even in her circumstances. She spent just under two weeks in GOSH and returned with the diagnosis of Acute Myocarditis. She was ordered to take it easy and ease her way slowly back into every-day life. 

Elizabeth did this, and grew closer to a lot of new people. She was brilliant. She was brave. 

It was nearly a month afterwards that whilst on holiday and to everyone's utter sadness, that she collapsed again. Elizabeth did not make it this time.  This beautiful girl, who meant so much to so many people, had been unexpectedly taken away.“

Time would tell after further tests that Elizabeth had an underlining and undetected heart condition that caused her heart to stop.

If you would like to help young children like Elizabeth and their families, please donate what you can. 

Every time someone thinks about Elizabeth and her story you are helping to remember a little light.  
A shining little light.

From us:
We would also welcome you to upload photos and write your memories of Elizabeth to help us remember this beautiful little girl in our darkest times and also for you to come and celebrate her life that gave us all 11 years of happiness.

Love to you all
The Ransom and extended family.


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